Who we are

INSIGHT, The Rotaract Club of Littlehampton began with a group of friends getting together in 2010 with a shared idea to raise money for local causes and having fun whilst doing it.

We have volunteered in The Rotary Club of Littlehamptons′ charity shop, helped at the Town Show in Littlehampton and raised money for local charities such as The RAFBF′s Princess Marina House in Rustington, the Littlehampton Lifeboat Station and Dizzy - Diabetes Support Charity. We have recently raised £1610 from a Charity Barn Dance in May in aid of the Mental Health Foundation.

Since becoming a charity group we have raised over £10,000.

Our socials range from a cheap film night to ice skating in Guildford. Have a look at our Events page to see what we are doing.

A member of Rotary once told us that above all else we must make sure we are having fun, whatever we are doing.

INSIGHT is one of more than 100 Rotaract clubs in Great Britain and Ireland, and one of 7,600 clubs in 158 countries around the world.

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