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Parkinson′s UK the largest charity funder of Parkinson′s research in the UK. So far, we′ve invested more than £65million in groundbreaking research. And we plan to reach £70million by 2014. They fund research to advance our understanding of Parkinson′s and what causes it. Their research also improves treatments to make life easier for people living with Parkinson′s.

They offer friendship and support

They offer friendship, support and the opportunity to meet other people affected via their network of local groups across the UK. Local groups are there for everyone living with Parkinson′s, their families and carers. There are some groups specifically for younger people with Parkinson′s. Their discussion forum offers the opportunity to share experiences with other people online.

They campaign, change attitudes and improve services

They campaign to make sure people living with Parkinson′s are treated fairly, with access to the support they need. They want everyone to get high quality health and social care, including help from a specialist Parkinson′s nurse. They also improve understanding of Parkinson′s by changing attitudes and challenging myths.

From our Charity Quiz Night in November Parkinson′s UK will be getting a donation of £500.

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